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It's More Than a Sport: The Butterfly Effect of Golfing

THJCA partners with The Butterfly Effect of Golfing to teach local youth the background and business of running a golf course.

Robert Dooley explains the lessons learned during golfing activities at local golf courses.

“There are 3 lessons our youth learn on the golf course. Interestingly enough, its not how to golf. The very first and most important lesson our youth learn is to demonstrate their confidence and social skills. When people smiled and said hello, they stood up, stuck their hand out and introduced themselves and carried on a conversation. Secondly, our youth learned that participation is the key to life. This helps our young boys and girls out of the loop of people doing things for them. It builds independence and an understanding of the value of contributing and volunteering. Lastly, they learn the business and the responsibilities of running a golf course. Our youth worked actively with golf course administration to gain skills that can transfer into the workplace. Also, they are able to earn money and other rewards through the power of giving and volunteering. Our youth groups have time to talk and communicate shared experiences that allow them to relate everyday life to golfing. ” - Robert Dooley

To learn more about The Butterfly Effect of Golf visit them online.

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