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Tampa Heights Junior Civic Association is a community based, resident-driven organization that connects youth and families to community resources, provides youth opportunities to build leadership and civic engagement, and secures resources to respond to identified needs

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AT&T Gives Back

Tampa Heights Junior Civic Association has received a donation from the AT&T Foundation toward the opening of E-Learning centers at two of its facilities. 


One E-Learning Center will primarily serve children on the southside at the Youth Development and Community Center (YDCC) located at 2005 N. Lamar Avenue. The YDCC Center is in the south area of Tampa Heights, immediately north of Tampa’s Downtown District. The YDCC facility serves children and families who live at Mobley Park Apartments and others who live in the southeast and southwest quadrants. 


The second e-learning center will be at the new Northsite Community Center located at 3717 N. Central Avenue that is scheduled to open December 2020, directly across from Robles Park Village, built as Public Housing for Low Income residence. This center will serve our neighborhood children who live in this complex and others in Tampa Heights northwest and northeast quadrants.


“We are grateful for this funding that will provide the necessary means to jumpstart our E-Learning Centers and continue to provide the services that our children in a safe environment,” said Naya Young, Executive Director.


“Our company’s future, as well as the country’s, is dependent on today’s young people and AT&T and the AT&T Foundation are prepared to invest in our students so they have the resources they need to succeed,” said Edwin Narain, assistant vice president, AT&T External Affairs. “Technology can help students learn anytime, anywhere, and in today’s world the ability to learn virtually is more important than ever.” 


The need for the E-Learning Centers was identified when the world shifted due to the pandemic and the assistance that our children and their families needed the most came to a sudden stop. Direct in-person and one-to-one group sessions were forced to close. The pandemic changed our children’s services drastically; the usual method of interacting had to be discontinued, even at a time when the services that we provide are needed more than previously. 


Many of THJCA’s “at-risk” population are lower academic achievers, they and their families experience social and economic barriers, and some require emotional and behavioral support and therapy. Some are struggling with home based online learning and parents are finding it difficult to help the children when they do not have the experience or knowledge to assist. Some have not sent their children back to school, fearful of them catching the virus. This is especially alarming when many of our children live in multi-generation homes, some are being raised by grandparents who are members of the most vulnerable class for catching the virus. Some of the children are from frontline or essential worker families as well. 


“AT&T is a great community partner, and we are delighted that the AT&T Foundation continues to support the families that we serve and the mission of Tampa Heights Junior Civic Association,” said Lena Young Green, THJCA Founder. “Together we are preparing today’s children to become tomorrow’s leaders.”

Today, as people around the world support important causes, donate to THJCA.  Help us open our E-Learning Centers for children to come and learn in safe environment and have the education they deserve. Many of us have been impacted by the effects of Covid-19, including children.  Many of THJCA's "at-risk" population are lower academic achievers, they and their families experience social and economic barriers, and some require emotional and behavioral support and therapy. Some are struggling with home based online learning and parents are finding it difficult to help the children when they don't have the experience or knowledge to assist.

THJCA has a plan! Our goal is to raise $500,000 to open two E-Learning Centers where students who are learning virtually will receive one on one academic support from teachers in a safe environment.  The E-Learning centers will be housed in our existing THJCA Community Center and Early Education Center.



The Buffalo Soldiers in Tampa

Tampa Heights Junior Civic Association was awarded a grant from the Hillsborough County Arts Council to complete a project based on the history of the Buffalo Soldiers right here in Tampa, Florida! This project gave our youth participants exposure to their own history in an era when their generation feels far removed from their own past. This film teaches youth leadership skills through studying the past and performing arts while telling the rich story of the Buffalo Soldiers and its relevance to their own community. It teaches the youth today’s technology and production skills and it connects the older generations to today’s youth to foster better understanding of each other.

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THJCA has been awarded the Hillsborough County Arts Grant. Youth in our programs  will participate in a narrated reenactment of the Buffalo Soldiers at the Central and Columbus corridor. 


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